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Topgolf Prices: How Much Does it Cost to Play at Topgolf?

Updated: Apr 16

Topgolf in UK
Topgolf in UK

If you're a fan of golf or just looking for a fun activity to do with friends or family, you may have heard of Topgolf. Topgolf is a unique entertainment complex that combines golf with socializing, music, and food and drink. But how much does it cost to play at Top Golf?

In this article, we'll take a look at Topgolf prices, including hourly rates, group rates, and specials, to help you plan your next visit.

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What is Topgolf?

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Before we dive into the prices, let's take a brief look at what Topgolf is. Topgolf is a golf entertainment complex that features climate-controlled hitting bays, where players hit microchipped golf balls into targets on a range.

The targets are equipped with sensors that track the accuracy and distance of each shot, and players earn points based on their performance. Topgolf also features a full-service restaurant and bar, TVs for watching sports, and games like shuffleboard and cornhole.

Topgolf Pricing

It's worth mentioning that the pricing for Topgolf can differ depending on the location. Topgolf is available in numerous countries and a variety of locations worldwide. Therefore, we recommend checking the official Topgolf website or calling the venue directly to inquire about pricing for your specific location.

Is Topgolf Expensive?

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be! You can certainly enjoy Topgolf on the cheap if you:

Primarily play Topgolf on the weekdays and in the morning or between 12 and 5 PM Play with fewer people, like three or four people instead of six Bays all day long.

For example, you might occasionally find deals advertising $90 per hour for all-day rentals. That’s $15 per person, and it seems expensive up front, but it could actually save you money in the long run. That’s because you don’t pay the more expensive hourly rate for Topgolf in the evening or at night.

Then there are special offers or deals:

For example, some Topgolf arenas offer lifetime membership options, half-price Tuesdays, and other specials to draw new business. This makes Topgolf affordable if you know when to play to save money. Occasionally, student discounts are available as well.

A lifetime membership card could make it more affordable to enjoy several games with your friends. Therefore, it pays to do some research into hourly and per-person rates for Topgolf before deciding which Topgolf arena you visit. The cost depends on a lot of factors, including whether you rent a single bay, multiple bays, and more.

Top Golf Prices: Hourly Rates

Top Golf prices vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and location. Generally, Topgolf charges hourly rates for hitting bays, which can accommodate up to six players. Hourly rates are higher on weekends and peak times, like evenings and holidays.

Here are some examples of Topgolf hourly rates:

  • Monday-Thursday before noon: $25 per hour

  • Monday-Thursday noon to 5 pm: $35 per hour

  • Monday-Thursday 5 pm to close: $45 per hour

  • Friday before noon: $25 per hour

  • Friday noon to 5 pm: $45 per hour

  • Friday 5 pm to close: $55 per hour

  • Saturday before noon: $25 per hour

  • Saturday noon to 5 pm: $45 per hour

  • Saturday 5 pm to close: $55 per hour

  • Sunday before noon: $25 per hour

  • Sunday noon to 5 pm: $45 per hour

  • Sunday 5 pm to close: $45 per hour

Currently, Topgolf Louisville stands out as the most cost-effective Topgolf venue, with prices starting at $28 and reaching $56 during peak hours. On the other hand, Topgolf Las Vegas is the priciest option, beginning at $42 and reaching up to $99 during peak hours.

To view Topgolf prices for your specific location or any other venue, please check here.

Top Golf Prices: Group Rates

If you're planning to play with a group of friends or colleagues, Top Golf offers group rates that can save you money. Group rates are available for parties of 12 or more, and they include a reserved hitting bay, unlimited play, and a choice of food and drink packages. Here are some examples of Topgolf group rates:

  • Bronze Package: $44 per person (weekday) or $49 per person (weekend) for two hours of play and one food and drink voucher per person

  • Silver Package: $54 per person (weekday) or $59 per person (weekend) for two and a half hours of play and one food and drink voucher per person

  • Gold Package: $64 per person (weekday) or $69 per person (weekend) for three hours of play and one food and drink voucher per person

Topgolf Prices: Specials

In addition to hourly and group rates, Topgolf offers a variety of specials and promotions throughout the year. These can include discounts on the play, food and drink specials, and seasonal events. Some examples of Topgolf specials include:

  • Power Hour: $30 per bay per hour for unlimited play, available Monday-Friday before noon

  • College Night: 50% off gameplay with a valid college ID, available every Tuesday

  • Family Fun Pack: $75 for one hour of play, one pitcher of soda, and one appetizer, available every day until 5 pm

  • Summer Fun Pass: $199 for unlimited gameplay from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Topgolf extends special offers to students, and they have a dedicated program called the Topgolf Heroes Program. This program provides a 10% discount to military personnel (both active duty and veterans), police, fire and EMS personnel, healthcare workers, and teachers. Valid identification is required to avail of this discount.

In our view, the most favorable deal is the "Half-Off Tuesdays" promotion at Topgolf. This entails a fifty percent discount on gameplay every Tuesday. No need for coupons, no unpredictable specials, and no discount codes to remember – just a straightforward weekly offer where all golf activities are available at half the regular price.

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Topgolf is a fun and unique entertainment option that combines golf with socializing, food, and drink. The prices for Topgolf vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and location. Hourly rates for hitting bays range from $25 to $55, while group rates start at $44 per person for two hours of play and one food and drink voucher.

Topgolf also offers a variety of specials throughout the year, including discounts on play and food and drink specials. With these options, there's sure to be a Topgolf experience that fits your budget and preferences.

FAQs about Topgolf Prices

Is there an age requirement to play at Top Golf?

Top Golf welcomes players of all ages, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost per person at Topgolf?

Topgolf prices are determined per bay, with each bay accommodating up to six people. The cost per person varies based on the number of individuals playing on a single bay.

How many people can fit in a bay at Topgolf?

Each bay can host up to 6 players.

How much time do you spend at Topgolf?

Typically, people spend 2 to 3 hours at Topgolf venues. For more in-depth insights, you can explore our article on the ideal duration at Topgolf.

Do I need to bring my own clubs to play at Top Golf?

No, Top Golf provides golf clubs for players to use at no extra charge.

Can I bring my own food and drink to Top Golf?

Outside food and drink are not allowed at Top Golf, but they have a full-service restaurant and bar on site.

Do I need to make a reservation to play Top Golf?

Reservations are not required but are recommended, especially during peak times. You can make your reservation on:

Are there any dress code requirements for playing at Top Golf?

Top Golf does not have a specific dress code, but they recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for playing golf.


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