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Topgolf Mobile App: Enhancing Your Topgolf Experience

Topgolf App

Welcome to the future of golf entertainment! In this article, we will delve into the innovative Topgolf application. We will examine the features more closely and discuss their relevance to determine whether they are beneficial or unnecessary.

Let's begin.

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What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a sports entertainment company that combines elements of golf and entertainment in a social setting. The company operates venues where people can enjoy a unique and interactive golf experience.

Unlike traditional golf courses, Topgolf venues feature a high-tech driving range with microchipped golf balls and various targets in the outfield.

Here's how Topgolf typically works:

  • Golf Bays: Customers, or "guests," rent individual bays that are equipped with a seating area, a table, and a golfing station. Each bay has a high-tech screen where players can see a virtual representation of the range and their shots.

  • Games: Topgolf offers a variety of games that players can enjoy. The games involve hitting the microchipped golf balls towards specific targets in the outfield. The microchip technology allows the system to track the accuracy and distance of each shot.

  • Scoring: Points are awarded based on the accuracy of shots and how close they come to the targets. The scoring system adds a competitive and social element to the experience.

  • Food and Drinks: Topgolf venues often have a restaurant and bar, offering a menu of food and drinks for guests to enjoy while playing or socializing.

Topgolf has gained popularity for providing a fun and inclusive environment that appeals to both avid golfers and those who may not have much experience with the sport. It has become a popular destination for socializing, hosting events, and enjoying a unique golfing experience with friends and family.

What is Topgolf Mobile App?

The Topgolf app is a mobile application designed to enhance users' experiences at Topgolf. It provides access to game history, facilitates seamless reservations, and even allows users to control the TV in their bay.

Advantages of the Topgolf Mobile App

Topgolf app interface

The Topgolf app provides numerous benefits to simplify your life. Additionally, take advantage of a current limited-time offer: receive an extra $50 in bonus game play when you load $150 to your Membership using the Topgolf App.

The advantages are:

  • Monitor your game history and statistics

  • Effortlessly make reservations for a smoother visit

  • Join the bay waitlist on the day of your visit, streamlining your arrival*

  • Survey your friends to determine the optimal day and time for a game

  • Get contact information, hours, and amenities for any Topgolf location

  • Access contactless food and beverage menu

  • Easily reload your player card value

  • Stay informed about upcoming events, news, and exclusive offers

  • Take control of bay's TV channel using our enhanced remote feature

  • Gauge your performance on the leaderboards

Joining the waitlist from home is an option at all U.S. venues, except for Augusta, Chattanooga, El Segundo, Las Vegas, and Waco.


If you're a regular visitor to Topgolf, we highly recommend getting the app for its numerous advantages. One significant benefit is the ability to join the waitlist from home, allowing you to check availability and reserve bays for later. Bay reservations come with an additional cost at Topgolf, but the app allows you to bypass this charge with joining in the waitlist.

Another nice feature is the app's access to Topgolf Promos and Discounts specific to your location, providing easy and convenient savings. Additionally, by using the app for your purchases at Topgolf, whether it's playing, eating, or drinking, you can accrue points that can be redeemed for free games and more.

However, if you're not a frequent player, the app may not offer significant advantages, resembling more of a loyalty program like to airlines that truly shines with regular usage.

Wishing you a fantastic time at Topgolf!

FAQs about Topgolf Mobile App

Can I Track My Progress Over Time?

Yes! The Topgolf mobile app real-time tracking and analysis feature enable you to monitor your progress meticulously. You can monitor your game history and statistics and witness your improvement over time, celebrate milestones, and set new goals as you embark on a continuous journey towards golfing excellence.

How User-Friendly is the Topgolf Application?

Using the Topgolf mobile app is straightforward, and most of the time, it's quite simple.

Is Topgolf reservation worth it?

If the waiting time is minimal, we recommend avoiding booking, as paying an unnecessary booking fee may not be justified when there's little to no wait. Stay informed, streamline your Topgolf experience, and maximize your visit.

Are Walk-In Reservations Accepted?

Spontaneity is fun! Topgolf welcomes walk-ins; however, brace yourself for potentially extended wait times, particularly during peak hours.

Can I bring my own golf clubs to Topgolf?

While Topgolf provides clubs, you're welcome to bring your own if you have a favorite set.


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