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Topgolf Heroes Program: Teeing Up a Legacy of Impact

Updated: Jan 3

Topgolf Heroes Program Illustration

Surrounded by heroes who safeguard our way of life, defend our homes, shape the future through education, and rescue lives.

Topgolf Heroes Program invites active duty, veterans, first responders, healthcare professionals, and teachers to play with special discounts as a thank-you gesture.

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In tribute to the unwavering dedication of Americans safeguarding our nation, communities, homes, and families, the Heroes program extends exclusive Topgolf discounts to individuals with military, police, fire, and EMS backgrounds.

In my opinion, this discount, available to both active duty and veterans in the military, while not exceptionally special, remains a nice gesture acknowledging the service of those who protect and serve their country.

How the Topgolf Heroes Program Works?

The Topgolf Heroes Discount honors military (active duty and veterans), police, fire and EMS personnel, healthcare workers, and teachers with a 10% discount (valid ID required).

This discount cannot be combined with other offers and applies to in-venue redemptions only. Notify your Event Sales Associate for event discounts, excluding Platinum Memberships, food, and beverages.

Heroes Enjoy:

  • 10% Discount on Game Play

  • 10% Discount on Events & Room Rental

  • 20% Discount on Select Platinum Memberships

Furthermore, local Las Vegas heroes enjoy a 25% gameplay discount with a valid Nevada ID. Monthly and 6-month/Annual Prepay Platinum Membership discounts are not available in Topgolf El Segundo or Topgolf Las Vegas.

Events discounts are not applicable in Las Vegas and exclude Topgolf Swing Suite and Toptracer Range locations. Terms and conditions, including taxes and blackout dates, may apply.

Topgolf GovX Deal

Eligible members enjoy a 10% discount on Topgolf gameplay and a substantial 20% off select monthly memberships through the Heroes Program.

Additionally, members can explore exclusive offers on The GovX Gift Card Deals can vary; for instance, when I last checked, the offer was to "Purchase a $50 Topgolf Gift Card through your GovX membership and receive $15 in bonus gameplay."

On another occasion, a different deal caught my eye, featuring a $75 Topgolf Gift Card purchase with a $20 Bonus Game Play Gift Card included.


Important Note

To maximize your benefits, visit the website, choose the gift card deal that suits you, and pair it with the Heroes Program's 10% discount for the best deal.


Alan Cole, GovX CEO, expressed, "Honoring Americans in service is the driving force behind everything we do at GovX. It's a privilege to support the Topgolf Heroes program, and we eagerly anticipate seeing military and first responders enjoying Topgolf bays nationwide."


In conclusion, the Topgolf Heroes Program is a testament to the profound impact that sports, camaraderie, and a shared mission can have on individuals' lives.

This initiative not only brings joy through golf but also creates a supportive community for veterans and other heroes to thrive.

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FAQs Topgolf Heroes Program

What are the eligibility criteria for the Topgolf Heroes Program?

The Topgolf Heroes Discount honors military (active duty and veterans), police, fire and EMS personnel, healthcare workers, and teachers with a 10% discount (valid ID required).

Can family members participate in Topgolf Heroes Deals?

Unfortunately, the discount is only for the people who are eligible for the Heroes program.


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