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TOCA Social: The Topgolf of Soccer

Updated: Feb 13

TOCA Social Venue

Allow us to provide you with a brief introduction: TOCA Social, the soccer equivalent of Topgolf. TOCA Social stands as the pioneer in interactive football and dining experiences globally, seamlessly intertwining immersive gaming with top-tier culinary offerings.

Whether you're starting your evening with a spectacular goal, nailing that perfect shot during post-work drinks, or resolving sibling rivalries with a memorable family day out, TOCA Social ensures each visit becomes a legendary event.

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What is TOCA Social?

You may be familiar with TOCA, a leading soccer technology company renowned for manufacturing cutting-edge soccer training equipment. As the Official Soccer Training Partner of MLS (Major League Soccer), TOCA has established itself as a pivotal player in the realm of soccer innovation.

While TOCA Social is not yet present in the United States, the company has ambitious plans to open one in Dallas. Meanwhile, TOCA Soccer currently offers a unique, technology-enhanced soccer experience for players of all ages and skill levels. With Soccer and Sports Centers spanning across 35 different locations in the United States, TOCA Soccer brings a novel approach to soccer training, integrating advanced technology into the sport.

How to Play TOCA Social?

TOCA Social seamlessly merges interactive soccer and entertainment into a captivating experience. Picture a screen featuring various game modes where, depending on your choice, you aim to hit targets with a soccer ball.

With three skill levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—each game level presents increasing challenges, such as smaller or moving targets, making scoring more intricate. This setup ensures a delightful time playing soccer with friends, complemented by excellent dining options.

At their venue, TOCA Social provides soccer shoes (similar to bowling), eliminating the need for visitors to bring their own footwear. This convenience adds a level of comfort to the overall experience.

Where are TOCA Venues located?

As of now, TOCA Social boasts a singular venue located at The O2 in London, UK. Positioned within the iconic dome of The O2 in Greenwich, their original London venue is a standout destination. Featuring 17 boxes, three bars, and a world-class food and drink menu, TOCA Social at The O2 stands as the ultimate spot to unwind and soak in positive vibes, all just 15 minutes away from Central London.

Upcoming Venues

They have plans to launch two additional venues in the UK, namely in Bullring, Birmingham, and Westfield.

TOCA Social selected Dallas, TX, specifically in the Dallas Design District, for its inaugural location in the USA. Originally set to open in 2023, the plans for the TOCA Social entertainment venue at 1313 Riverfront Boulevard faced delays, leading to the cancellation of the slated opening.

However, TOCA Social officials have reassured that the development of the "TopGolf-like soccer experience" for Dallas is still in progress.

TOCA Social Pricing

TOCA Social inside

While we only have pricing details for the London venue, it can offer a general idea of the costs involved. Off-peak rates commence at £12 (Approx. $15) per person (Monday to Friday), while peak days start at £16 (Approx. $20) per person (Saturday and Sunday). It's essential to note that prices may vary during certain times of the year, as mentioned on their website.

Moreover, Topgolf has introduced an innovative approach to team-building events catering to corporate needs. TOCA Social is not different. If you decide to make a reservation for corporate events, the pricing structure may differ to accommodate the specific requirements and offerings for such occasions.

TOCA Social Menu

The TOCA Social menu shares similarities with Topgolf, but with a slightly smaller variety. Nevertheless, they offer an array of options, including chicken wings, burgers, mac and cheese, along with desserts. Catering to diverse preferences, TOCA Social goes beyond with offerings such as vegan food, salads, and a dedicated Kids Menu.

Their drinks menu is equally impressive, featuring a diverse selection ranging from soft drinks to cocktails, wines, and beers. Visitors have a plethora of options to choose from, ensuring a satisfying experience for all.


TOCA Social stands as a commendable exemplar of fusing sports with entertainment, already making a positive impact in London. Their added attractions, including a Photo Booth, board games, arcade games, and live DJ performances, contribute to an enriched experience.

The anticipation is high, and we look forward to welcoming them to the USA this year.

FAQs about TOCA Social

Is TOCA Social coming to Dallas?

TOCA Social had initially set its sights on Dallas for a 2023 debut, but the plans faced delays. Nevertheless, TOCA officials have affirmed their ongoing commitment to opening a venue in Dallas in the future.

How long does a single game at TOCA Social typically last?

The duration of your game at TOCA Social depends on the size of your group. Below are the allocated game times based on different group sizes:

  • 2-3 players = 30 minutes

  • 4-6 players = 45 minutes

  • 7-8 players = 60 minutes

  • 9 players = 75 minutes

  • 10-12 players = 90 minutes

  • 13-24 players = 90 minutes (with 2 boxes per box)

It's important to note that your reserved time includes an additional 5 minutes for cleanup at the end of your match. This allows you a brief cooling-off period and an opportunity to indulge in post-match refreshments for replenishment.

Is TOCA Social open to those under 18s?

Yes, under 18s are allowed in the venue accompanied by an adult during the following times: ‍

  • Monday Thursday - before 7pm

  • Friday - Saturday - before 4pm

  • Sunday - all day


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