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T-Squared Social: Sports Bar Concept From Tiger Woods & Justin Timberlake

T-Squared Social

Co-founded by Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods in collaboration with NEXUS Luxury Collection and 8AM Golf, T-Squared Social is a vibrant dining and entertainment venue. Combining pub cuisine, craft cocktails, and a range of entertainment options like music, bowling, darts, and sports simulators, it delivers a distinctive and engaging experience.

The first T-Squared Social has debuted in New York City, emanating upscale sports bar vibes.

Let's delve into another exciting addition to the world of EATertainment.

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What is T-Squared Social?

T-Squared Social in New York City

T-Squared Social, a revolutionary dining and entertainment venture fueled by Tiger and Timberlake (the Ts of T-Squared Social), is a collaboration between NEXUS Luxury Collection and Howard Milstein’s 8AM Golf.

Their vision was to create a space worthy of sharing with family, friends, and fans. With the exciting launch in New York City, they're already eyeing global expansions. Join these two friends on their journey with T-Squared Social.

You can experience various games like Bowling, darts, and golf simulators. Additionally, revel in the game on TV from the front row with their exclusive Box Seats experience.

Entertainment Options

Bowling lane at the T-Squared Social

Golf Simulators

Equipped with four Full Swing simulators, T-Squared Social lets you tee off on renowned golf courses like Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, and St. Andrews. Each simulator accommodates up to eight players, and worry not about bringing your own clubs – we've got you covered, including lefties and kids.


At T-Squared Social, you can enjoy four Duckpin Bowling lanes reminiscent of your hometown alley but enhanced and more compact. No need for shoe changes, and the best part – you can hold a drink while you bowl. Each lane caters to up to four players.

Darts at T-Squared Social


T-Squared Social boasts three Dartsee bays, and interactive steel-tip dartboards with cutting-edge technology for precise dart location detection, elevating the competition. Whether you bring your darts or use T-Squared Darts, the board accommodates any steel-tip darts, with up to four players per board.

Watching Games

Bar at T-Squared

T-Squared's Sports Bar concept sets a new standard, offering elevated quality in both food and drinks compared to the typical sports bar. The upscale ambiance is further enhanced by premium furniture and sophisticated design.

At the heart of the experience is New York City's exclusive 200" television, surrounded by the T-Squared Social Box Seats. These 11 premium tables, designed for major sporting events, deliver a suite-like experience—providing all the perks of a box without the inconvenience of attending the game in person.

T-Squared Social Box Seats
T-Squared Social Box Seats

T-Squared Social members enjoy exclusive priority access to secure Box Seats, allowing you to immerse yourself in the excitement throughout the entire game. With no food and beverage minimums, no time constraints, and no pressure to accommodate the next party, the Box Seat is yours for the duration of the game.

T-Squared Social Location

Currently, T-Squared Social has a singular location situated in New York City. However, anticipate the expansion of additional locations in the coming years. For those eager to visit the NYC establishment, the address is 7 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States.

T-Squared Social Prices

T-Squared Social boasts prices above the average sports bar, attributed to its prime New York City location and upscale offerings. Uniquely high-end, it stands out by serving delicacies like Lobster Rolls and Dom Perignon Champagne. Food items start at $15-20, wines from $14-15 per glass, cocktails around $20 per glass, and beers approximately $10. They offer an extensive selection of beers and whiskeys.

Their membership-based business model, priced at $250 per quarter, comes with exclusive perks:

  • Advance Reservations: Only members can book simulators, bowling, or dart lanes.

  • Complimentary VIP Box Seat Reservations: Members can reserve a table in the VIP Box Seats during the day at no charge for power lunches, meetings, or casual dining.

  • Prime Game Viewing: Enjoy watching your favorite teams from the best seats in the house.

  • 50% Off Weekday Activities Before 4 p.m.: Make your lunch break more exciting with discounted activities.

  • Priority Access and Discounts for Sporting Event Parties: Members receive priority access and discounted pricing for ticketed live sporting event watch parties.

The standout benefit is that exclusive access to booking the golf simulator or enjoying games of bowling and golf is reserved solely for members.

T-Squared Social Opening Hours

The operating hours for T-Squared Social are as follows:

  • Sunday : Noon – 9PM

  • Monday : 4PM – 9PM

  • Tuesday : Noon – 9PM

  • Wednesday : Noon – 10PM

  • Thursday : Noon – 10PM

  • Friday : 4PM – 10PM

  • Saturday : Noon – 10PM

Conclusion & Key Take Aways

T-Squared Social redefines EATertainment with a sophisticated touch. Its top-notch design and premium offerings make it an appealing destination, particularly for affluent sports enthusiasts. A visit is highly recommended to experience the upscale elegance of a sports bar.

The membership model didn't resonate with us. T-Squared Social's standout features include top-notch entertainment options like Golf Simulators, Bowling, and Darts. To participate, a membership is required.

Membership, priced at $250 per quarter, seems relatively high. If these activities aren't your focus, paying above-average prices solely for food and drinks might make the fancy seats and high-quality ingredients less appealing. The willingness of customers to embrace this approach is not that clear.

Overall, it seems like a promising concept, particularly for group gatherings where the potential for enjoyment is high.


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