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PopStroke Unleashed: A Tiger Woods Creation

Updated: Jan 3

PopStroke Illustration

PopStroke is a collaborative venture between the legendary golf player Tiger Woods and TaylorMade Golf. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, stands as a prominent manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment, golf balls, and accessories.

PopStroke is an innovative blend of immersive golf and casual dining, seamlessly integrating a high-tech golf environment with culinary delights. Based in Jupiter, Florida, PopStroke boasts a team of seasoned professionals in the realms of food, beverage, and hospitality. Whether you're on or off the course, there's a diverse array of craft beer, wine, ice cream, and delectable food options to savor.

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What is PopStroke

PopStroke is a mini-golf entertainment company that offers a unique and immersive golfing experience. Co-owned by professional golfer Tiger Woods, the company combines technology, entertainment, and casual dining to create a dynamic environment for players. Which is similar to Topgolf, Bigshots Golf and Driveshack.

PopStroke locations typically feature advanced mini-golf courses, and a variety of food and beverage options, and incorporate interactive elements to enhance the overall entertainment experience.

What sets PopStroke apart is integrating technology into the golfing experience, fostering an interactive and competitive ambiance for all participants. Noteworthy features include the PopStroke App and a jumbotron leaderboard. As a souvenir, each guest takes home a PopStroke TaylorMade commemorative ball at the end of their golf round.

PopStroke Locations

As of now, PopStroke has established itself in nine different locations across Florida, Texas, and Arizona. These locations are as follows:

In Florida:

  • PopStroke Delray Beach, FL

  • PopStroke Fort Myers, FL

  • PopStroke Sarasota, FL

  • PopStroke Port Saint Lucie, FL

  • PopStroke Orlando, FL (Waterford Lakes)

  • PopStroke Tampa / Wesley Chapel, FL

In Texas:

  • PopStroke Houston / Katy, TX

In Arizona:

  • PopStroke Glendale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ

PopStroke is undergoing rapid expansion, with plans to open new locations in the following areas:

  • PopStroke Tuscaloosa, AL - Winter 2023/2024

Additional openings in 2024 include:

  • PopStroke Las Vegas, NV - Early 2024

  • PopStroke The Colony, TX

  • PopStroke Myrtle Beach, SC

  • PopStroke Daytona Beach, FL

  • PopStroke College Station, TX

  • PopStroke Orlando-Hamlin, FL

  • PopStroke San Antonio, TX

  • PopStroke West Palm Beach, FL

  • PopStroke Nashville, TN

  • PopStroke Wellington, FL

PopStroke Pricing

PopStroke Pricing varies based on the location, similar to other establishments like Topgolf. To provide an example, we've outlined the pricing for PopStroke Delray Beach in Florida. For pricing details at a PopStroke location near you, please check their official website.

Golf Pricing for PopStroke Delray Beach:

  • Monday-Thursday: All Day Pass: $30

  • Friday-Sunday: All Day Pass: $35

  • Seniors (60 & up): 20% Discount

  • Children (ages 3-12): 20% Discount

  • Military: 20% Discount

They also feature special promotions:

  • Monday - Seniors Day: $12 For adults aged 60 and older

  • Tuesday - Kids Day: $16 Includes golf and ice cream - For kids aged 12 and under

PopStroke offers an app that enables you to earn PopBucks, earning you 5% back for every dollar spent at PopStroke. These PopBucks can be utilized for golf, food, drinks, or merchandise. To commence earning PopBucks instantly, simply download the app.

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PopStroke Menu

PopStroke Menu

Just like Topgolf, PopStroke presents an enticing menu featuring appetizers, salads, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, and cocktails.

Additionally, they provide brunch menus and brunch drinks. They provide a Kids Menu, making it a good option for those accompanied by children. It's worth noting that menu prices may vary based on the location; therefore, you can refer to the specific PopStroke Delray Beach Menu Prices provided below.

PopStroke Events

PopStroke provides an ideal outdoor venue for entertaining a diverse range of groups, from corporate clients and colleagues to friends or for celebrating special occasions like Birthdays.

Your guests can have fun in putting courses, a jumbotron for special announcements, a shaded playground, outdoor games, and ample opportunities for friendly competition.

All food, drink, and ice cream packages are fully customizable to cater to your specific needs and party size.

You can explore PopStroke Birthday Party and Events Packages on the official website for your chosen location. It's important to note that Event Packages necessitate a minimum of 15 guests, while Kids’ Party Packages require a minimum of 10 guests. If your party comprises fewer than 15 guests, no reservations are necessary.

PopStroke Franchise

PopStroke is a privately managed company under the oversight of the Tiger Woods Design Company. As of now, the company has not issued any official statements regarding its franchising strategy or future plans.

The decision to refrain from offering franchising has not been publicly disclosed. In many instances, companies choose not to engage in franchising to retain complete control over their stores and avoid relinquishing any aspect of their business.


PopStroke is a revolutionary golf facility providing a cutting-edge golfing experience coupled with casual dining options. With influential figures like Tiger Woods supporting it, I anticipate substantial growth and the opening of numerous additional locations in the years to come.

If you enjoy outings with friends, family, or on a date, I highly recommend giving PopStroke a try. The combination of delectable food and a captivating atmosphere ensures an enjoyable and engaging experience.

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What is PopStroke?

PopStroke is an experiential golf and entertainment company offering high-tech mini-golf, casual dining, and a unique social experience.

Where are PopStroke locations?

PopStroke currently has locations in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Check our website for the latest updates on new openings.

What does the PopStroke menu offer?

The menu features a variety of appetizers, salads, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, cocktails, and a Kids Menu.

Can I host events or parties at PopStroke?

Yes, PopStroke offers customizable event packages for birthdays, corporate events, and more. Check our website for details.

Is there an age limit for PopStroke?

PopStroke welcomes guests of all ages. Special pricing and events are available for seniors and kids. I would recommend that children aged 5 and older to participate.

How can I earn PopBucks?

Download the PopStroke app to earn PopBucks, getting 5% back for every dollar spent. Redeem them for golf, food, drinks, or merch.

Are reservations required for smaller parties?

Reservations are not needed for parties with fewer than 15 guests. Walk-ins are welcome.

Why doesn't PopStroke offer franchising?

PopStroke has not disclosed official plans regarding franchising. Companies often retain control by avoiding franchise offerings.

What are the business hours of PopStroke?

Business hours may vary by location. Check the specific location's page on their website for accurate and up-to-date information.

Can I view menu prices online?

Menu prices may vary by location. Refer to the official PopStroke website for detailed and current menu pricing at your chosen location.


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