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JumpShot Live: Topgolf of Basketball

JumpShot Venue in Atlanta Illustration

We've previously covered the Topgolf of baseball and soccer on our website. Now, we're excited to introduce another innovative entertainment venue JumpShot, uniquely dubbed by its owner as the "Topgolf of Basketball".

"We’ve put together a top-notch team for this. Think basketball version of TopGolf. We’ll see you soon!” wrote the brainchild of entrepreneur "Brooklyn Johnny," aka Jonathan Descartes, on Instagram

It's already being hailed as the "Topgolf of Basketball" by its creator. In this in-depth article, we'll provide detailed insights into the new concept, JumpShot, and what it's all about.

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What is JumpShot Live?

Blending sports with entertainment, enjoying food, drinks, and fun with friends has given rise to the popular concept known as "eatertainment." This time, we're exploring the basketball version of this exciting idea.

Entrepreneur "Brooklyn Johnny," also known as Jonathan Descartes, introduced the concept via a posted Instagram video. JumpShot boasts the involvement of Phil Handy, a former Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach, listed as a board member on their website. The brand defines its offering as a "Tech-Enabled Basketball Entertainment Venue."

Notably, Brooklyn Johnny and Phil Handy join forces with former NBA player Detlef Schrempf, an ex-All-Star with the Seattle SuperSonics. The executive lineup further includes Akhil Chandan, Jimmy Singh, Yusaf Babar, and former TopGolf CEO Ken May. With the infusion of Topgolf experience, JumpShot holds significant potential for growth in the coming years. Adding to the star-studded team, DJ Khaled has joined as an advisor.

Although it hasn't opened its doors yet, we are making assumptions based on the concept video to give you a glimpse of what it might be like. The video takes us through the exterior of the massive building, showcasing an entrance adorned with "shoot your shot."

Inside, there's a plush check-in area, a restaurant section, a central bar, high tables, and individual boxes each equipped with its own basketball hoop.

JumpShot Live Experience

Based on the concept video, it appears that JumpShot will involve shooting free throws or three-pointers against other participants. Similar to Topgolf, there will likely be additional game modes introduced later on.

The food and drink offerings are anticipated to resemble those at Topgolf, featuring shareables, burgers, wings, along with a selection of beer, cocktails, and other soft drinks.

Additionally, we can expect the venue to offer basketball-themed arcade games. In summary, the concept strongly mirrors what one might envision as the Topgolf version of basketball.

However, it's worth noting that previous Topgolf-like entertainment venues focused on individual sports without body contact. Considering this, the introduction of body-contact sports, especially in a setting where alcohol is served and spectators are present, raises questions about feasibility.

As a precaution, we anticipate a more contact-free and technologically enhanced game mode. In any case, we're eagerly anticipating JumpShot's inaugural venue opening to showcase its unique offerings.

When and Where is JumpShot Live scheduled to open?

The official website indicates a launch in 2024, suggesting that we could anticipate the release of additional information shortly. The initial planned venue is set to open in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information by following JumpShot Live on their social media pages.


It will be intriguing to see the locations and extent of JumpShot Live's team openings. In the realm of entertainment, TopGolf stands out as a major player and will serve as a direct competitor.

The potential NBA endorsement holds immense value for JumpShot's marketing trajectory, presenting an opportunity to elevate the concept significantly. Visualize the appeal of everyday individuals shooting three-pointers in a marketing campaign against basketball icons like Stephen Curry – a powerful marketing opportunity for JumpShot Live.

Considering the popularity of golf and basketball as leisure activities in the U.S., particularly among those seeking quality leisure experiences, the entry of well-heeled investors into the team suggests the likelihood of several locations opening initially.

FAQs about JumpShot Live

Is there a basketball version of TopGolf coming soon?

JumpShot Live is considered the basketball version of Topgolf and they are planning to open their first venue in 2024

What is jump shot live?

At JumpShot Lvie you can experience the upscale entertainment venue, restaurant, and lounge – the basketball version of Top Golf.

Where will be the first JumpShot Live Venue?

The first Venue is planned in Atlanta, Georgia


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