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The Best Indoor Driving Range Franchises

Indoor Driving Range

Indoor golf has gained widespread popularity worldwide, offering an experience akin to playing on an outdoor course. While distinct from traditional golf settings, it presents an enjoyable and viable sport that every golf enthusiast should explore. The demand for Indoor Driving Ranges has surged, providing a cozy training haven during winter, with enjoyable atmospheres and delectable food options. Playing golf indoors, whether at home or with friends, offers unparalleled comfort. This article delves into the top indoor driving range franchises in the United States, dissecting why they stand out as the best choices for enthusiasts seeking a unique and satisfying golfing experience.

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What is an Indoor Driving Range?

An indoor driving range is a facility designed to replicate the experience of practicing golf outdoors but within an enclosed, climate-controlled environment. These ranges provide golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to hone their skills, work on their swings, and enjoy the sport regardless of external weather conditions.

Typically equipped with state-of-the-art technology, indoor driving ranges feature virtual golf simulations, advanced tracking systems, and high-quality hitting bays. Golfers can use their clubs and hit real golf balls into a net or screen, receiving instant feedback on factors like ball speed, distance, and accuracy. Indoor driving ranges offer a comfortable and accessible alternative to traditional outdoor ranges, allowing individuals to practice year-round and in various weather conditions.

Additionally, they often incorporate entertainment elements, making them popular venues for socializing, events, and even enjoying good food and beverages. These facilities cater to both beginners looking to learn the basics and seasoned golfers aiming to refine their skills in a controlled and enjoyable setting.

Types of Indoor Driving Range

Thanks to technological advancements, indoor golf provides golfers with an immersive experience, allowing them to play full rounds of courses while tracking and analyzing their performance data. This technological integration proves invaluable for players seeking to enhance their skills efficiently. Indoor golf facilitates the precise measurement and analysis of various aspects, such as the movement of your golf club, angle of attack, velocity, and trajectory. To further optimize your indoor golf experience, consider using top-notch indoor golf balls, which are often available at these facilities.

You can find several types of indoor driving ranges. Let's explore the most popular ones.

Golf Dome

Golf domes offer golfers an efficient space for honing their skills in various aspects of the game, employing technology similar to golf simulators. Golf domes may not provide a clear or expansive screen for visualizing shots or delivering a complete course experience.

Nevertheless, these domes feature putting greens and driving ranges, allowing golfers to concentrate on the practical aspects of the game. This enables players to master their performance, refine their techniques, and achieve the perfect swing.

Driving Range Venue

In this category, you'll discover expansive entertainment venues featuring climate-controlled bays equipped with heating or cooling systems, complemented by top-tier food offerings. One significant advantage of indoor driving ranges is their ability to facilitate swing practice regardless of external weather conditions.

These driving ranges incorporate specialized evaluation tools designed to track and analyze your swing and shots with remarkable precision. This not only provides tangible evidence of your gameplay but also identifies areas for improvement.

While these facilities prioritize entertainment, attracting visitors seeking enjoyment rather than solely skill improvement, it's worth noting that prices at these indoor driving ranges may be slightly higher than those at conventional venues.

Putting Green Facilities

Putting green facilities offers an excellent avenue for enhancing and refining your golf skills. The optimal indoor golf experience involves diligently honing your short game to improve your handicap.

This focused practice can result in a notable enhancement, with the potential to elevate your shot accuracy by a significant margin—ranging from 35% to 55%, contingent upon the specific course you are engaged in.

Putting greens stand out as a widely favored indoor golf training method. This approach is not only cost-effective compared to golf simulators but also provides an excellent training opportunity.

Golf Simulators

Technological advancements have revolutionized golf practice, particularly with the advent of golf simulators. These cutting-edge tools enable golfers to engage in virtual gameplay on a multitude of global courses, meticulously tracking performance data for both golf balls and clubs.

The simulator not only captures data but also introduces additional environmental elements, enhancing the realism and overall enjoyment of the experience. These simulations offer a platform for refining playing techniques, pinpointing areas for improvement, and potentially reducing several shots from your handicap.

The Best Indoor Driving Range Franchises


Type: Driving Range Venue


Undoubtedly one of the most renowned indoor driving ranges globally, the Topgolf Franchise, owned by the Topgolf Callaway Corporation, has earned its acclaim. Setting itself apart with cutting-edge Toptracing technology, this franchise not only stands out in the crowded market but has also become one of the fastest-growing entertainment franchises in the United States. Topgolf's innovative Toptracing technology provides a distinctive edge over other franchises. This technology enhances the overall experience by offering precise tracking and analysis of players' shots, contributing to a more engaging and dynamic golfing encounter. Beyond the technological prowess, what truly sets Topgolf apart is its commitment to creating an all-encompassing entertainment experience. The franchise goes beyond just golf, offering a diverse range of amenities, including exceptional food options. This holistic approach has contributed significantly to Topgolf's popularity and success, making it a go-to destination for individuals seeking a unique blend of golf, entertainment, and culinary delights.


Type: Golf Simulator

XGolf Surrey Hills

Introducing another noteworthy player in the golf franchise scene offering driving ranges in the United States – X-Golf. This establishment represents a relatively fresh approach to Indoor Golf Centers, incorporating a bar concept that caters to both the ardent golf enthusiast and the casual amateur.

Founded in 2005, XGOLF has quickly gained traction, with over 3,000 systems sold globally. This Indoor Golf Center prioritizes delivering a distinctive user experience marked by a blend of innovation, honesty, and integrity. The incorporation of cutting-edge hardware and software sets XGOLF apart.

Features such as dynamic weight balance, short-game playability (including 12″ putts), and 3D Collision, which provides realistic geometric reactions when a ball interacts with an object, showcase XGOLF's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of golfers worldwide.

Five Iron Golf

Type: Golf Simulator

Five Iron Golf

An exceptional addition to the golf simulation scene is the renowned Five Iron. Their mission is clear: to democratize golf, offering a dynamic, entertaining, and inclusive way for everyone to experience the sport. Transforming urban golf culture, Five Iron has given a contemporary twist to this age-old classic.

Their journey started in 2017 with the establishment of their first location on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District, aptly named by combining the "Five" from Fifth Avenue and the "Iron" from the Flatiron District. Since then, Five Iron Golf has rapidly expanded its footprint, with over 20 locations across ten major U.S. cities. Notably, they've gone global with franchise locations in Singapore and India.

At the heart of Five Iron's philosophy is making golf accessible to the masses, emphasizing play, practice, and partying. Their commitment to inclusivity aims to bring out the golfer in everyone, creating unforgettable experiences for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

For the serious golfer, Five Iron goes above and beyond. Offering high-tech Trackman simulators, access to skilled teaching professionals, dedicated practice time, leagues, club storage, showers, and complimentary use of top-of-the-line clubs during bookings, Five Iron ensures a comprehensive and top-tier golfing experience. Additionally, they provide in-house club fitting services, catering to the diverse needs of golfers at all skill levels.

BigShots Golf

Type: Driving Range Venue

BigShots Golf

BigShots Golf stands as a pioneering golf and entertainment enterprise driven by its proprietary technology, creating a welcoming social ambiance that caters to both devoted golfers and casual players. Their driving ranges and golf courses are designed not only for amusement but also as spaces for skill enhancement.

Initially conceived as a major competitor to Topgolf, BigShots Golf evolved into a significant player in the industry. In 2023, Topgolf acquired BigShots Golf, seamlessly integrating it into the Topgolf Callaway Corp. This strategic move positions BigShots Golf under the umbrella of a leading entity in the golf and entertainment realm, enhancing its offerings and solidifying its presence in the market.

Mistwood Golf Dome

Type: Golf Dome

Mistwood Golf Dome

Mistwood Golf Dome in Illinois exemplifies the transformation of a Golf Dome into a premier training and entertainment destination. Fueled by Toptracer Technology, this facility is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking a multifaceted experience. It serves as an ideal venue to refine your golf skills away from the unpredictable outdoor elements.

Spanning an impressive 60,000 square feet, the fully heated dome features 30 hitting stations, a 900 sq ft putting green, and a dedicated short game area. Beyond the swings, guests can unwind at high top tables while enjoying the view on large high-definition televisions. Additionally, you can indulge in a full-service dining experience right at your hitting mat, courtesy of McWethy's Sports Bar.

Mistwood Golf Dome seamlessly combines top-notch training facilities with a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere, making it a standout destination for golf aficionados.


Embarking on the quest for an exceptional indoor driving range entails a commitment to embracing innovation and staying abreast of industry trends. The finest indoor driving ranges go beyond mere entertainment, positioning themselves as strategic tools to draw in customers and bolster revenue. Staying ahead in the game necessitates an integration of cutting-edge technology to create an immersive and competitive experience.

Moreover, successful indoor driving ranges actively listen to customer feedback, comprehending their needs and desires. For those contemplating the prospect of opening an indoor driving franchise, considering these factors and exploring the best practices of successful franchises can be pivotal in ensuring a thriving venture.

FAQs about Indoor Driving Range

How much space is needed for an indoor golf simulator installation?

The space required depends on the simulator model but generally ranges from 10 feet wide by 15 feet long to 15 feet wide by 20 feet long.

Are indoor golf simulators suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, most simulators cater to all skill levels, providing various difficulty settings to accommodate beginners to professional golfers.

Can indoor driving ranges be suitable for business events and team-building activities?

Absolutely, indoor driving ranges are versatile and can be utilized for corporate events and team-building exercises, fostering a unique and enjoyable experience.

What is the average return on investment for businesses investing in indoor driving ranges?

While results vary, many businesses report a significant increase in revenue, with the return on investment typically achieved within the first year of installation. For Topgolf the average Return on Investment is 2,5 years according to Topgolf Callaway Corp.


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