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Best Putting Mats: Elevate Your Golfing Game with Precision

Man playing on a golf putting mat

Are you in need of assistance with your putting skills? Are you seeking recommendations for a high-quality mat that you can use for practice at home or in your workplace?

The journey to becoming a putting maestro begins with investing in the right equipment. Among the myriad options available, our list of Best Putting Mats stands out as a game-changer.

Let's delve into the world of putting mats and explore how they can transform your golfing experience.

Table of Contents

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Types of Putting Mats

Rollout Putting Mats: These provide a smooth surface for a realistic feel, mimicking the greens at your favorite golf course.

Contour Putting Mats: Designed with undulating surfaces, these mats add an extra layer of challenge, perfect for refining your control and adaptability.

Attention to Detail in Indoor Putting Greens

When in the market for an indoor putting green, it's the subtle features that can significantly enhance your experience. Consider the design of cups, backstops, and alignment aids as pivotal factors in your decision. Some options come complete with cups, flags, and additional accessories, while others offer the green itself without any markings or extras.

For a seamless short game session, opt for indoor putting greens equipped with a ball-return function, such as the Perfect Practice. Another standout performer, the WellPut, distinguishes itself with an array of alignment aids.

If your priority is finding an indoor putting green with exceptional cups, the PrimePutt Tour Quality Putting Green is unparalleled. Its cups ingeniously collect balls at the back, preventing any obstruction to your next putt—a testament to its commitment to quality.

Best Putting Mats

Your putter stands out as the most frequently used club in your bag. Unless you're consistently holing out every chip or scoring an ace with every tee shot, your success on the golf course often hinges on your putting skills.

Explore the top putting greens we chose.

Best Overall: PrimePutt Tour Quality Indoor Putting Green

PrimePutt Tour Quality Indoor Putting Green

In our assessment, Primeputt stands out as the producer of the finest Putting Mat available. The exceptional material quality creates an experience so authentic that you might feel like you're practicing on the same turf as professional tour players.

This top-tier Putting Mat from Primeputt boasts numerous advantages that make it a standout choice for golf enthusiasts. Its realistic putting surface provides an authentic feel, ensuring a practice experience akin to being on professional turf.

The mat's ability to maintain a flat position without slipping adds to its appeal, offering stability during every stroke. The innovative backstop and cup design contribute to an enhanced training session, while its versatility makes it suitable for use on both carpet and hardwood floors. Additionally, the convenience of easy storage further elevates its practicality.

However, it's essential to note that the mat falls short in terms of a ball return feature and lacks alignment lines, factors to consider for those seeking these specific functionalities in their putting practice.

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Big Moss stands out as a premier manufacturer of putting mats, renowned for delivering high-quality products. One of their standout creations is the Big Moss Augusta Putting Green, measuring 4' x 12'. This premium putting and chipping green are not only ideal for home and office use but also offers unparalleled versatility for teaching and year-round practice. Rolling like a freshly cut bent grass putting green, it features a True-Roll downgrain, ensuring an authentic experience.

What sets it apart is its complete portability, setting up effortlessly in minutes without the need for tools. The Break Snakes feature provides limitless contour possibilities, allowing you to create your personalized challenges. Transform any space into a golf haven, making putting enjoyable and thrilling wherever you go. Compete with family and friends of all ages, enhancing your game while relishing the experience.

WELLPUTT - Golf Putting Training Mat

WELLPUTT - Golf Putting Training Mat

Introducing another cutting-edge putting solution – a game-changer for golfers of all levels. Experience precision in every stroke with multiple visual aids designed for optimal body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude, and eye positioning.

Navigate the "Good zone / Bad zone" for targeted improvement, and master accuracy and distance control with two play directions. Feel the authentic roll, speed, and texture of a real-life green at 3/3.5m (10/11.5ft) stamp. Enhance your practice routine with the Wellputt App, available on iOS and Android, featuring 54 dynamic exercises for continuous skill refinement.

Built to last, Wellputt putting training mat comes with a lifetime guarantee, UV resistance, and easy maintenance, ensuring longevity and hassle-free storage. Elevate your game with the ultimate putting experience.

Best Budget: PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green

PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green

Elevate your putting game with our exceptional practice aid – a 9' x 3' kidney-shaped green that provides three distinct cups for precise target practice. This putting green not only adds an element of fun to your training but also incorporates built-in sand traps, strategically placed to catch any errant shots.

The good-quality putting surface is meticulously designed for durability, ensuring a consistently smooth performance over time. At this price point, you're investing in a valuable training tool that promises to enhance your putting skills and take your game to new heights.

Proactive Varispeed Indoor Putting Green

Proactive Varispeed Indoor Putting Green

Transform your home into a golfer's haven with our 10-foot putting mat, crafted to seamlessly fit into your office, living room, backyard, or any flat surface you desire. Anticipate an improvement in your golf course performance as you hone your putting skills on this versatile mat.

The Varispeed Putting System takes your training to the next level, offering unique features not found elsewhere. Adjust the speeds with ease, choosing from four Stimp tested variations ranging from 7.5 to 13, all on one indoor putting green. What sets it apart even further is the visible ball traces, allowing you to assess each putt comprehensively, even after you've made your stroke.

Elevate your practice routine and prepare for lower scores on the golf course with this exceptional putting system.

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Indoor Putting Green

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Indoor Putting Green

Meet Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, renowned as Me And My Golf, global leaders in online golf instruction. Their innovative approach extends beyond just the colorway of a putting mat; they introduce unique balls to revolutionize your practice.

They pose a crucial question: Why practice straight putts when over 90% of putts are influenced by the slope on the putting green? With their groundbreaking golf balls paired with an exclusive putting mat, elevate your short game by practicing both left and right-breaking putts. Immerse yourself in a real-life game experience, gaining confidence on the course through their exclusive tips and drills. Trust in Me And My Golf to redefine your putting practice and enhance your overall golfing prowess.

Other Great Options

Additionally, we've included two more exceptional companies and their products below.

How to Choose the Right Putting Mat?

Finding the perfect putting mat involves considering your skill level and available space. Beginners might benefit from larger, straightforward designs, while advanced players may prefer more intricate setups to challenge their abilities.

Quality Materials: Opt for mats crafted from durable materials to ensure longevity and a true roll.

Size and Design: Consider your space and personal preferences; some mats come with built-in ball returns for added convenience.

Cost Efficiency and Performance: Investing in a high-quality indoor putting green can entail costs of up to $300, although commendable options are available in the $75-$150 range. When contemplating this expense, factor in the convenience an indoor putting green brings. Spending a bit more for home practice may prove worthwhile, saving you the time spent commuting to the practice green at the golf course.

Speed: Companies like BirdieBall and PrimePutt provide indoor putting greens with varying speeds. Selecting one that closely mirrors the pace of your local course enhances its effectiveness as the ultimate practice tool.

Precision Alignment Features: While some indoor putting greens adopt a more straightforward design, others, like WellPut, excel in alignment precision. WellPut's putting mats boast distinct markings that aid in distinguishing between a well-executed putt and a subpar one, making it a leader in alignment innovation.

How to Setup the Putting Mat?

Indoor Setup Tips: Choose a flat, unobstructed area and ensure there's ample space for your strokes.

Outdoor Setup Tips: Select a level area, free from debris, and anchor the mat securely to prevent movement during practice.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Numerous common mistakes, particularly among first-time users, can be addressed. Here are a couple of crucial points to consider.

Neglecting Mat Maintenance: Clean your mat regularly to ensure a consistent surface.

Ignoring Skill Progression: Gradually increase the difficulty of your practice to continually challenge and improve your skills.

Putting Mats Accessories Alignment Aids: Enhance your precision with accessories designed to perfect your alignment.

Putting Cups: Elevate your practice with target-specific drills using putting cups.


Investing in the Best Putting Mats is a prudent decision for any golfer looking to elevate their game. The convenience of indoor practice, coupled with the variety of mat options, ensures there's a perfect fit for every player.

Take the plunge, commit to regular practice, and watch as your putting skills soar to new heights.

FAQs About Putting Mats

How do Putting Mats Improve Skills?

Putting mats provide a consistent surface, allowing players to refine their strokes and enhance accuracy.

Can I Use Putting Mats Outdoors?

Yes, many mats are suitable for outdoor use, providing flexibility in practice locations.

How Often Should I Practice with Putting Mats?

Regular practice, at least a few times a week, is ideal for skill improvement.

How do I store my putting green?

Avoid the pitfalls of low-quality turf that easily creases out of the box or reacts poorly to heat. Steer clear of felt-based putting mats that wrinkle or slip, demanding careful storage. However, with a high-quality putting green, storage concerns become a thing of the past. These superior greens come equipped with their own rubber backing and are designed for multi-surface use, eliminating the need for additional measures like infill, tape, or weights to maintain their pristine condition. Invest in a putting green that stands the test of time and retains its quality, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


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