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Launch and Manage an Indoor Golf Business

Indoor golf businesses, especially those featuring golf simulators, are gaining popularity. As you think about starting your venture, you're bound to have lots of questions about the best approach.


Here are some important things to consider:


  • Figuring out if you should buy or lease golf simulators

  • Estimating how many golf simulators you'll need before opening

  • Deciding how many employees you'll need at the start

  • Identifying your target audience (like the general public, golf enthusiasts, or college students)

  • Checking out the population density in your area.

But even if you manage to tackle those questions, you'll likely find yourself facing even more. Questions like:


  • How much does it cost to start an indoor golf business?

  • What is the price of a golf simulator?

  • Should I join a franchise or launch my own brand?

  • How do I select the best location?

  • What should I charge for a round of golf on a simulator?


Whether you're thinking of investing in an indoor golf franchise or starting on your own entrepreneurial journey, thorough research and ample information are key to devising the right strategy for success.


With my background as an MBB and Big4 consultant, I've assisted numerous companies in strategizing and conducting comprehensive research to develop effective business plans. Here, I'll offer guidance to help you make informed decisions and build a thriving golf business.

Startup Guide

Gray Modern Designer Zoom Virtual Background.jpg

How to Start an Indoor Golf Business: Startup Guide


The Startup Guide is your go-to resource for making informed decisions about launching an indoor golf business. Inside, you'll discover:


  • Insights into Indoor Golf Business statistics and market growth

  • Understanding the Indoor Golf Industry

  • Defining Your Business Concept

  • Selecting the perfect location

  • Estimating Startup Costs and Budgeting

  • Crafting a compelling Brand Identity

  • Strategies for scaling your business

  • Various Ideas and Strategies for starting an indoor golf business


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