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Open a Center

Many aspire to launch their own business, discussing ideas and taking action.

You've been there, right? Maybe it's a lively night out with friends at a bar, or chatting over a weekend BBQ. Or perhaps it's just you, mulling over the idea of starting a side hustle. It seems like almost all of us have toyed with the idea of launching our own business or side gig at some point.

While success isn't guaranteed, preparation is key. With experience as an ex-MBB and Big4 consultant, I've tackled various strategy and management projects for Fortune 500 companies, emphasizing the need for a defined strategy.

I'll guide you through essential aspects, help craft a business plan, and assess potential ROI (Return on Investment). Whether it's an Indoor Golf Business, a traditional driving range, or an EATertainment center, my team and I will assist in decision-making, drawing from successful businesses and lessons learned.

You'll discover all the info you need right here on our website, including expertly crafted articles and E-Books. Plus, feel free to ask us anything – we're here to help as best we can.


If you require professional consulting, we've got you covered. Typically, drafting a business plan and calculating ROI takes us about 3 to 4 hours of work, and we charge standard hourly rates like other consulting firms.

We wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming endeavors, whether it's starting a successful side hustle or launching a full-time business of your own.


Open an Indoor Golf Business

Discover the key strategies for launching an indoor golf business that ingeniously merges golfing with simulators or other innovations, alongside a cocktail bar concept, for an exciting and distinctive experience.


Open an EATertainment center

Learn the essential steps to launch an EATertainment center that seamlessly blends dining with a cocktail bar for a distinctive and enjoyable experience.


Open a Driving Range

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